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For many of us, a home is the largest investment we make in our lifetimes.

As one of the members of the Concierge Planning Staff, of course I talk about my work to my family and friends. It's difficult not to be excited about what we're building here at Ara Vista, and sometimes I even need to curb my enthusiasm as my love of the project is so much. I'm sure those who are passionate about their careers can understand me. Which brings me to something I wanted to share. A few weekends ago at the despedia of my Tito Bong he was talking about what he wants to do when he returns from the U.K. Can you believe he's not even there yet, and his mind is already on returning home? Tito Bong is in his mid-thirties, a male nurse and had just signed an oversea contract to work in a Glassborough, UK hospital for the next 4 years. Tulong-tulong kasi, sabi sha, "Kelan bumalik dito" I want to get more involved with the computers. Sabi sha, "I watched the Matrix again last week, and it seems this Technology is becoming real". All of our family members laughed, including my cousin Dario who is a IT Programmer for a big multi-national in Makati. I thought to myself this is really coming true, mga-facebook, mga-iPhone, everyone is connected in real-time. To me it seems like the Internet itself is becoming an economy, an independent nation.

In my role as Concierge planner at Ara Vista I was listening to my Tito Bong dream about becoming better with this 'matrix' of the Internet, sabihian tulong-tulong on developing his own Facebook applications, sabi "ManNurseVille", they're spreading to his friends. After listening to his talk, a thought came to me about my job here at Ara Vista. Our place is one where Tito Bong can actually afford a house, something like P20,000 monthly to own within 4 years. There will be an AMA IT school, wide roads, trees, playgrounds. I described this to Tito Bong and he said I was aligning his dream into reality, he thought wow, I would never have to leave Ara Vista and waste 3 hours commuting to an IT school in Manila. I can stay here in the comfort of my community, have schooling, have a job nearby in the PEZA IT Zone and wifi for my laptop when I get restless in the house. After his despedia, Tito Bong is still 'hooked' on the idea we were talking about that day, he is emailing me from the UK and telling his new friends about the idea and the excitement is contagious he said. See, now you know why it's difficult to curb my enthusiasm

Thanks to Sir Stephen for letting me share this on our public blog

-Pia Marie

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The ever successful Southwoods Golf Course & Country Club is designed by the same architect, Palafox Associates who is overseeing Ara Vista.

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